Dominic Hunziker: You do not need to be Mr Gay Europe become a cause!

It goes without saying that Mr Gay Europe pageant is drawing more and more attention with every year. So in lieu of the event taking place in Geneva this October, gay blog has decided to interview all of the contestants.

Today it is Dominic Hunziker, representing Switzerland. Dominic is 25, he is an architect student in Moosleerau and a Sagittarius. His message is:

You do not need to be Mr Gay Europe to cause something. Be as you are in every situation.


Dominic, is you were to describe yourself in one phrase, what would you say:

I am a boy from the countryside with a great boyfriend in the city and I love architecture and music.

What lead you to participate in beauty pageant?

I don’t really see it as a beauty pageant, I like the “cause” behind the pageant. To show everyone that for 10% it is totally normal to be a bit different.

What did you feel and have you made any resolutions when you have learned that you are to represent Switzerland in this year Mr. Gay Europe pageant?

I am glad to have the choice to taking part in this election. I made the resolution to get fitter for the show.

Do you feel any support from your homeland? Any kind of support – state or otherwise?

My friends want to support me at the final in Geneva.

As one of its stages Mr. Gay Europe includes a talent contest: what are your plans in that respect?

Perform an own song.

Now to the personal stuff: are you single?

I am lucky to have the best boyfriend since two years.

What do you think of granting full legal support for gay marriage?

It is a must!

Do you plan to raise any children?

Not in my age, perhaps in the future. So we have to stay tuned to the right for adoption for gays and lesbians.

What would be the first thing you do if you win the crown?


And finally, what is your message to your fellow contestants?

I am not into bitch fights, let us have a great time together!