Mischa Germeraad: it’s a pity that the Mr Gay Europe 2010 is cancelled

It goes without saying that Mr Gay Europe pageant is drawing more and more attention with every year. So in lieu of the event taking place that was supposed to take place in Geneva this October, gay blog sunshine.by has decided to interview all of the contestants.

Today it is Mischa Germeraad, representing Netherland. Mischa is 34, he is a communications professional and a Cancer.

Mischa Germeraad

Mischa, is you were to describe yourself in one phrase, what would you say?

I’m a sportive, enthusiastic, modest person who is proud of being gay.

What lead you to participate in beauty pageant?

First of all I don’t see the competition as a beauty pageant. I think it is – or it should be — a personality competition. Of course beauty is an important part of the competition, but it’s also about being able to represent the GLBT-community in Europe. This implies the winner also must have characteristics such as grace, charm, discretion and good verbal skills.

I think I possess these characteristics to be a good ambassador for the GLBT-community. And fight for equal rights for gay people. Because in many countries gay people don’t have equal opportunities, laws criminalize homosexuality and families turn their backs on gay family members. And that is wrong. Homosexuality is not a choice, we are born that way. And it’s a bad thing to discriminate people for something that they did not choose to be. Whether it is homosexual, black, disabled or whatever.

What did you feel and have you made any resolutions when you have learned that you are to represent Netherlands in this year Mr. Gay Europe pageant?

I made a lot of preparations. The competition consists of several rounds. For example for the ‘National costume’ round I made a special costume with a famous Dutch designer. And there’s also a presentation round where each candidate have to talk 2 minutes with a preliminary jury about a chosen subject (this year the subject is ‘gay health’). I talked to different health organizations in my country to prepare for this presentation. And of course I went a little bit often to the gym to train those abs ;-)

Do you feel any support from your homeland? Any kind of support – state or otherwise?

The competition is not really a big thing in the Netherlands, so there’s not really a fuss about it or people who are abundantly supporting me. But maybe when I go the World competition nationalistic feelings will pop-up.

My parents are really supporting me. There are coming over to Geneva during the finals on Saturday.

As one of its stages Mr. Gay Europe includes a talent contest: what are your plans in that respect?

I don’t know yet. I don’t really have talents which I can show on stage.

Now to the personal stuff: are you single?

Yes I am. Single and ready to mingle ;-)

Netherlands has granted same-sex families the same rights – so you approve of the gay community strive to adopt same legislation across the world?

Yes I’m in favor of that. In my opinion gay people should have the same rights of straight people, so that includes the possibility to marry a partner of the same gender or to raise a child.

Do you plan to raise any children?

I certainly hope I get the chance to do so. I’m blessed that I life in a country where it’s permit for gay couples to raise a child. And I’m even more blessed that my sister wants to be a surrogate mother. I hope one day I meet a boyfriend who has the same wish.

What would be the first thing you do if you win the crown?

Thank my parents for raising me to the person I’m today, and thank them for their unconditional support. And thank the MrGay organization for their efforts. And party all night long with all my fellow contestants!

And finally, what is your message to your fellow contestants?

I hope we have a really good time together. And damn, some of you are really hot ;-)

Mischa was also able to add some insite on the cancellation of the pageant – since the interview came in after it became clear that it will not take place:

I think it’s a pity that the Mr Gay Europe 2010 competition is cancelled. Not just for the delegates, but especially for the GLBT community in Europe. The riots during the Belgrado Gay Pride a week ago show that there is a lot homophobic violence and that we have a long way to go when I comes to equal rights for gay people in Europe.

We need positive and ‘proud’ activities such as the Mr Gay competition to bring hope and inspiration to anyone who — for whatever reason — can’t be open about his or her sexual orientation. To show them that it is ok to be gay and that they are not alone. And to show the world that we are here to stay.

Thank you, Mischa for your time!