Urgent: Anti-Homophobia March Participants are detained in Minsk

Minsk, BELARUS. 10 people taking part in Day Against Homophobia march in Belarus capital are currently detained by the police for further investigation.


May 17th is the International Day Against Homophobia and as part of the civil action in the country aiming to attract public attention to the problem raging homophobia activists has staged Equality March. Not a  part of the Equality Festival, the march was originally prohibited by the authorities.

Although the right of peaceful assembly was evoked by the scarce participants of the march, 10 of them were detained by the police in a clear homophobic sting. No charges were brought forward yet, but the participant remain in custody.

No comments from the police representative are available at the time.

Update: it is now 14 people detained. The protest did not even start as police started to detain people. It is not clear where they are being transported.