Vilhjálmur Þór: 5 years and 50 kilos ago I would never think of doing Mr Gay Europe!

It goes without saying that Mr Gay Europe pageant is drawing more and more attention with every year. So in lieu of the event taking place in Geneva this October, gay blog has decided to interview all of the contestants.

Today it is Vilhjálmur Þór, representing Iceland. Vilhjálmur is 23, he is a future policeman and is a Cancer.

Vil Thor - on Mr Gay Europe

Vilhjálmur, is you were to describe yourself in one phrase, what would you say?

I would say I’m honest and kind, well and funny.

What lead you to participate in beauty pageant?

Five years ago i was 130kg, and very unhappy with myself, still in the closet and living in my hometown, which has the population of only 900 people, today i have lost almost 50kg, I am openly gay to all my friends and all my family, i look so much better then i did, and i think it goes without saying that also feel better. So basicly my reason for entering a beauty pagent, is that 5 years ago i would not have even let myself dream about doing this, today, i am doing it! i am competing to proof to me, and to the world that anything is possible! :)

What did you feel and have you made any resolutions when you have learned that you are to represent Iceland in this year Mr. Gay Europe pageant?

It means so much for me that i am representing Iceland in this competion, i´m proud of my country and for what Iceland stands for in the battle for gay and human rights in the world. i try to be true to myself and show my personality.

Do you feel any support from your homeland? Any kind of support – state or otherwise?

I feel that Icelanders are very satisfied with me competing. I was selected Mr Gay Iceland in June and still today people of any age are still congratulating me on the win, the people of my hometown is very supportive and they want me all the best, i feel so much support from this little town, the town i grew up in and thought that homosexuality would not be accepted there. im so glad i was wrong, everyone there has been amazing and feeling everybody’s support is unbelievable..

As one of its stages Mr. Gay Europe includes a talent contest: what are your plans in that respect?

Well… I want it to be a surprise, so i will have to say, no comment :)

Now to the personal stuff: are you single?

Yes i am.

Do you approve of the gay community fight to be able to legally marry?

Of course i do! i want same-sex marriages to be legal everywhere, from the 27th of June 2010 it has been LEGAL for same-sex couples in Iceland to get MARRIED! how awesome is that!?, i want that every citizen in the world have those rights, because it is not the governments to tell us, who we are supposed to love and get married to, Marriage is between two individuals who love each other, and when two perons have found that love and want to share it under the law of marriage, i think they should be able to do so! that is my believe, same sex marriage-OFCOURSE!

Do you plan to raise any children?

YES, I cannot imagine going through life not having kids, i have so much love to give and i think i will be an awsome dad. I want to have a «normal» family get married and have kids. and I think that will happen… i just need to find my prince charming first.

What would be the first thing you do if you win the crown?

Call my parents! that would be my first thing, they are so excited about me competing,
And finally, what is your message to your fellow contestants?

My message, hmm… I can´t wait to meet you all in Genvea and get to know you, I´m looking forward to spend time with you guys.

Thanks, Vil for your time!