Bloggers against homophobia

Fight Homophobia!

Fight Homophobia!

I would be totally honest with you – this is my blog and I really care about it. I write what I think about gay rights here in Belarus and I post lovely pictures from the internet (all decent by the way!) and I blog and blog and blog with the single aim — to change the way people think about gay blogs and gay sites

Indeed, the vast majority of gay sites over the Internet (and even more so in Russian-speaking segment of it) would be porn-sites rather than pink and fluffy ones — hence the attitude of straight majority. You may call it my Gay Crusade: I want to take down the veil of homophobia and let straight people see that we are the same kin.

So imagine my shock when I received a letter from Superloto – the state-owned monopoly domiciled in Belarus (where I am honored to reside) requesting that I take down one of my articles. In my article on superloto I have compared chances of finding your other one with chances of winning the lottery.

The tone of the letter was general, however in the last line the company requested that I delete the article and any references to the Superloto, because they consider it indecent to be associated «with this sort of sites».

I know, «this sort of site» may mean plenty of things, but it is the context that put me off: of all double-faced companies thriving on human greed, lottery is the worst by far and the sheer fact that a company «like that» considers mentioning anything gay as being «sort of»… You see my point.

So I am asking for your help in my fight: stumble this one, publish your own article, let other people know, please help me fight Superloto. And if you feel like it – join the International Day Against Homophobia.

I do not plan to put down that article; quite to the contrary, I would promote it. I would not let them shut me up and delete any reference to them. Even in small things homophobia should be fought, and I will.